Reflexology has both Eastern and Western origins, and no culture can claim to be the founder, although all have contributed to the Reflexology of today. Paintings in Egyptian tombs dating from as far back as 2500BC depict the giving and receiving of treatments to feet, hands and ears.

Reflexology is a natural holistic therapy using special techniques on the feet or hands to stimulate specific points and initiate a beneficial response in a corresponding area of the body. The aim of reflexology is balance and relaxation, so the body’s natural healing processes are activated. Clients report many other physical
benefits - these will be individual to you!

General benefits can include;

  • Relaxation
  • Improves mood
  • Aids sleep
  • Relieves tension
  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Promotes a sense of general well-being
    • Reflexology may support clients living with many conditions, including;

      • Backpain
      • Hormonal problems
      • Stress
      • Pre- conception, fertility and during pregnancy
      • Arthritis
      • Migraines/headaches
      • Digestive problems
      • Sinusitis
      • Asthma
      • Insomnia
      • Ear and eye problems
        • Reflexology is very relaxing and so is beneficial for people in good health. Treatments are both relaxing and stimulating. A course of treatments will help mind and body to achieve balance.

          Reflexology can be received by anyone at any age however, there may be some people for whom it is not suitable. For this reason a full consultation takes place before the initial treatment. Please allow extra time for this.

          Initial reflexology session with consultation (75 mins) £50

          Subsequent reflexology sessions (60 mins) £45

To book an appointment for any of these treatments or to simply to discuss your requirements please call me on 07941 158826 or contact me via my "Contact Me" page by clicking here 

Please note 24 hours notice of cancellation is required to avoid full treatment being charged for


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