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I have been providing Reflexology in Caterham and the surrounding areas since 2007. Over this time I have gained a considerable amount of experience of working with clients with many different health issues or concerns, which enables me to tailor my treatments to your own individual needs. I have undertaken several advanced training courses including Pre-conception, Fertility and Maternity Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology and Pain Management Reflexology. I have also been a member of the Association of Reflexologists since 2010.

Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing holistic therapy using special techniques on the feet or hands to stimulate specific points and initiate a beneficial response in a corresponding area of the body. Reclining comfortably in my reflexology chair, you will be able to drift off into a calm, relaxed state. The aim of reflexology is balance and relaxation, so the body’s natural healing processes are activated. Clients report many other physical benefits - these will be individual to you!

"I have had many Reflexology treatments with Alison and they have all been fantastic! She is really professional and completely puts you at ease. I would definitely recommend her and I look forward to my next treatment!"
Wendy (Coulsdon)

General benefits can include;
Improvement in mood
Aids sleep
Relieves tension
Relieves anxiety and stress
Promotes a sense of general well-being

Reflexology may support you if you are living with many conditions, including;

Hormonal imbalances
Digestive problems
Ear and eye problems
and also during pre- conception, fertility and during pregnancy

Reflexology is very relaxing and so is also beneficial for you if you are in good health. Choose a course of treatments to help mind and body to achieve balance. A full consultation will be taken before your initial treatment to make sure the treatment is appropriate for you, so please allow a little extra time for this.

Initial Reflexology session with consultation (75 mins) £53
Subsequent Reflexology sessions (60 mins) £48

Or book a course of 4 treatments and receive 10% off! (Full fee is payable on first session)

Reflexology. Stones

Hot Stone Reflexology

A blissful treatment with all the therapeutic effects of Reflexology, combined with the deep relaxation of hot stones!
Incorporating hot stones into a Reflexology treatment enables the body to relax at the deepest level and creates harmony and balance within. Heat from the stones penetrate deep into the muscles, bringing about a reduction in muscular tension, as well as influencing the body’s internal energy flow, bringing a balance to body and mind.
General benefits can include:

• Relaxation
• Improved mood
• Improved sleep
• Reduction of anxiety, tension and stress
• A sense of general well-being
• Increased circulation and elimination of waste products
• Reduced muscle tension

Your treatment can be performed entirely with hot stones, partly with hot stones combined with traditional Reflexology techniques, or by using hot stones for the massage at the beginning and closing of the treatment.

Hot Stone Reflexology (75 mins) £60*
Reflexology using hot stones at the beginning and end (60 mins) £50*

*Add £5 if this is your first Reflexology treatment as I will need to complete a full consultation

Or book a course of 4 treatments and receive 10% off! (Full fee is payable on first session)

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